2014 NYU Africa Economic Forum

The African Gold Rush

Over the past decade, African economies have been among the fastest growing in the world, and this trend is expected to accelerate over the next decade or two. This proverbial “Gold Rush in Africa,” has led to increasing business Foreign Direct Investments, increased business optimism, and substantial purchasing power coming from a burgeoning middle class. But this evolving story has yet to significantly improve the lives of over half the people on the continent and has been a driving force behind the increasing socio-economic inequality in many nations.

The disconnect between high growth rates and low human development still poses a challenge to Africa’s development. Last year’s conference aimed to present a balanced picture of what is going on in Africa. In addition to highlighting promising transformation across Africa, we also discussed the challenges that lay ahead of Africa’s path to realizing its full economic potential as the world’s final investment frontier.

We were pleased to provide a platform for Africa’s top business thinkers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to dialogue and share insights on successfully maneuvering through these challenges, and identify best practices and opportunities for sustainable and inclusive growth in Africa.

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