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Our Mission

Established in 2007, Stern in Africa (SiA) is dedicated to providing the Stern and NYU communities increased exposure to business and investment opportunities in Africa, and enhance awareness of Africa's growing economies. SiA organizes professional, educational, and social events, enabling thought leaders, industry practitioners, and MBA students to promote investments in Africa and highlight the growing economic importance of the continent.

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SiA pursues our mission through our 3 objectives:



  • Bring together African representatives, using the Stern/NYU network, which will provide relevant information on career opportunities in Africa
  • Collaborate with thought leaders of the world's financial capital to create business opportunities in Africa through Business Conferences 
  • Serve as a conduit for discussions on economic and political developments in Africa and bring together businesses and faculty through Speaker series and other targeted events 
  • Develop lasting relationships with business leaders leading to direct investment opportunities in Africa  


  • Incorporate African business issues into Stern curriculum
  • Investigate potential case studies and case study competitions that directly address issues in African business and that provide actionable recommendations
  • Actively engage in the recruitment process in order to increase population of Students interested in Africa and to facilitate the success of these students at Stern through scholarships, fellowships, and mentorship


  • Organize events that showcase the wonderful diverse cultures that Africa has to offer
  • Engage closely with the African and New York community through mentorship, community service and volunteering
  • Raise awareness on social issues such as poverty, health and education affecting Africa